Monday, June 7, 2010

Look Who's Coming!

Hi Everybody - Thought we'd let folks know who is planning on being at the bash this coming Saturday!

Martin Boone
Rebecca Patton
Mary (Wilson) Bogle
Dana (Bennett) Weeks
Daryl Caldwell
Debbie (Gift) Peralta
Brenda (Lamb) Corley
Cherie (Myers) Gresham
Jimmy Hicks
MaLeta (Padgett) Stephens
Vicki (Rhodes) Wright
Greg Boston
Janet (Albertson) Nimrod
Babs (Jones) Heard
Paula Harris
Darlene (Cox) Cannon
Karen Wallace
Kirby Smith
Patti (Minton) LaFleur
Karen (Page) Coursey
Terri (Shaw) Baltz
Phillip Sutton
Kari Utley
Jimmy Rogers
Tim Troup
Woody Davis
Patti (Churchwell) Springs
Brett Hovorka
David Sims
Vicki (Beard)Hagood
Brenda (Bruce) Lahtinen
Gary Lovell
Tommy Jobe
Laura (Murphy) Beck


Rodney Spradline
Jeff Stroud
Bubba Hill
Rhonda Parr
BJ Higginbotham
Terry (Bradshaw) Kellum
Lisa (Hinds) Taylor
Judy (Sossaman) Ford
Rhonda (Green) Stockton
Ronnie Halpine
Kim Abercrombie
Mark Cady
Cindy (Meisenheimer) Cady
Pam (Ollar) Knapp
Britt Boswell
Kim (Bridges) Wheelbarger
Teresa (Eaton) Holland
Robert Kruger
Ted Melton
Donna (Skelton) Remphrey

Congratulations to Debbie (Bullock) Wolf! She planned to be there and drag Debbie Morris with her, but her son's soccer team recently won the state cup and will be competing in's this weekend darn it! We understand though Debbie! Good Luck to your son's team from all of us!

The rest of you! Don't miss out on all the fun...there is still time to sign up! Go to our paypal link in the post below.

Hope to see you there!
--Your OMG I'm 50 Reunion Committee

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paypal link is here!

Hello classmates!

Registration fee to attend the "OMG I'm 50!" birthday bash is $25.00 per person. This includes a diverse menu of barbecue chicken, pork, brisket; sides such as potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, and dips and chips. Everyone is welcome to BYOB, and we will have set-ups for mixed drinks. (We will also offer tea and water for those who tend to shy away from achohol...a.k.a."spirits.")

In addition to plenty of food, we will have a DJ playing our favorite dance tunes and there will be games and door prizes! So don't miss out on the fun! The Bryant class of '78 reunion committee invites you to be a part of the OMG I'm 50 birthday bash, June 12th 2010!

Click on the "Pay Now" button below to pay your registration fee.
NOTE: Just click on the "continue" button highlighted in need to log in with a password.

Payment options

Saturday, March 13, 2010

OMG! We're 50!

Hey everyone!  The time is fast approaching for us to celebrate the fact that we are hitting a milestone!  Watch out for those bruises!!!!

June 12th is the date for the OMG! We're 50! birthday bash!  As dictated by the Reunion Committee, no other events are allowed to be scheduled for this date!  If you are alive, you should attend.

We are still in DIRE need of those 1st/2nd grade pictures.  I mean seriously, we have a fantastic prize for this contest.  Get those pictures to Patti Churchwell Springs at  Or you can snail mail pics to 606 Innsbrooke Cove, Jacksonville, AR  72076.

If you haven't given me your birth dates yet, please get that to me as quickly as possible.  If I don't you get your birth dates to me soon, I'll be forced to start rumors that you're older than all of us!!!

An email address has been set up where you can send emails.

A paypal account will be linked to this blog site where you can pay for this event ($25.00 per person).  Or you will be able to send a check to the attention of "Bryant Class of 78" -  3203 Brock Rd, Alexander, AR  72002.

Don't forget....we have a MYSTERY GUEST attending this event.  You won't know who it is if you don't attend!